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Latest release - avsap-1.1042

AVSAP NOW RUNS ON wxPython-2.5.3.x. wxPython- is no longer supported. Latest release is 1.1042 which adds support for Italian, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Gujarati. Get your copy here

License: Free Software distributed under the GNU GPL

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Linux System running Xwindows.

The following are Prerequisites:
(version numbers imply the given version or later)


  1. Install the software as in the INSTALL file. Set up users with appropriate login levels.
  2. Set up your chart of accounts. You can manipulate this later using 'delete', 'empty', 'copy', 'paste' and 'add'.
  3. Ensure that you have at least one account under the heads 'cash' and one under 'bank'.
  4. Double clicking on any entry under the chart of accounts will give either the ledger or journal for that particular head or branch. Buttons are available for journal and balance sheet.
  5. You can only add vouchers to accounts that have no children.
  6. You can only paste onto an empty account.
  7. You cannot delete an account unless it is empty. Use 'empty' to shift the vouchers to another account or to the delete the vouchers.
  8. There is no limit on the number of sublevels.
  9. Use the template form for creating custom templates for voucher entry. Example, for cash receipts you could have a template to debit 'cash on hand' and credit any account. The default serial no could be 'cr'.
  10. serial nos must be unique and are entered manually. Once saved, the serial no cannot be edited. To edit the serial no, you must delete the voucher and re-enter it.
  11. Login Levels:
  12. Year Closure can be done at any time, any number of times. It will carry forward your balances under assets and liabilities, calculate the profit and carry this forward to the capital account.

Help and support:

There is a mailing list at which could help you out.